As already mentioned the importance of the post of Naik has gone down considerably in recent years. The statutory Panchayat set up under the programme of democratic decentralization are providing alternative force of power. There is thus not only clash of personalities but of systems. The Naik derives his authority from the moral sanction of the Community the Sarpanch derives his authority from legal sanction of the State spread education has also brought down the importance of traditional leadership in the Thandas. Whenever any Government official visits Thandas the educated young men become the mouth pieces of the communities and explain their difficulties or requirements of the Thandas to such Officials. When representation is to be made to the higher officials at the block, division or district head quarters the assistance of such young men are invariably requisitioned. Thus they attain a ventage position in the village power structure. The introduction of Panchayat Raj System has brought many changes in the traditional structure of the Banjaras and their political participation has enormously increased. This system has affected existing social system of Banjaras, which was hither to free from this kind of socio political institutionalization. This also gave a new dimension to socio political development of the. The Lambada the emergency of Panchayat Raj created a new political consciousness and caused emergency of new leadership styles.

The traditional leadership and the modern leadership exist side by side in some of the Lambada Thandas in Warangal and Nalgonda districts. There is no conflict between the new leadership based on democratic ideas and the traditional leadership based on consideration such as hereditary and personal qualities. There is continuity with the past inspite of changes that are affecting the traditional political system. It is significant to note that traditional political system has acclimatized itself to the new forces of change without losing its identity and command over the people at the settlement level. However Panchayat institutions have played an important role in bringing about modernization social change and social mobility among the Lambadas. The analysis of political structure among the Lambadas indicates the existence and retention of their traditional political system with the introduction of Universal adult franchise in the country there has been a tremendous change and women Lambadas who were earlier excluded from participation in the traditional polity of Banjaras, have been given a definite role to play in modern democratic administration. The traditional polity of Banjaras in Telangana districts imbibed the change new forces without losing its identity and commands.