When considering mean income of each job holders, a woman working as an associate get about Rs 9208 per month. It is more than the male employees in the same job status. Male employees have less experience than women. More experience made them to get on an average more salary than the male employees. The situation is repeating in the next senior level post also. There also women on an average get more salary per month than men. When men become more experienced there is a chance that they may quit the job to get more salaried job in other sectors. On an average there is higher payment to women than men when we consider the job status and educational status. But a factor is that males have low experience than women. So it may be the cause men getting less salary.

Table 2: Earning Status and Promotion
table2Gender Disparities and Contradictions-2

From the initial level salary all of them expect promotion and salary increase. The table.2 indicates that, female employees those who got promotion are getting an average Rs 12500 per month. But the male employees those who got promotion have an average salary of Rs 14282 per month. But, the other female employees those who have not got promotion are getting more than the male employees’ average salary. Females have average Rs 9208 per month as males have average Rs 7384 only. The three year period is important to take a decision whether stay on the same job or move to another. The high salary at the starting may be the attraction female employees stick on the same job. Salary increase (incentives) without promotion is a nice trick that always keeps employees on the same job for a short period. But increase in salary without promotion is dependable only up to a limit. Otherwise skilled and highly qualified professionals find job in other firms. Men with high payment and enjoying promotion and higher status may remain in the same company. Women stay in the same job if they get reasonable amount. Otherwise, even well qualified women remain unemployed.

This is contradictory in nature as well as it reflects the adaptation of different strategies on males and females. As intra-firm mobility of women is limited, the growth of wages of women stops up to the boundary of promotion. Also it is difficult for women climb up to the top of the ladder. With more years of experience male employees’ salary showed an increase. But in the case of females the pattern is interrupted, but the starting three years have salary increase along with increase in experience.