Before a person enters into the IT sector he /she always think about their skills and ability to strive in this sector. Simply it is evident that the main age group working under B.P.O sector vary between the age 21 and 29, whether the worker a women or men. . Majority of the women working at the company has age between 21 and 24 years (females 36.7 per cent and males 33.3 per cent). Next majority group is 25-29 years. About 53 per cent of the women come under the category of the age group between 25 and 34. But 56.7 per cent of the males have age between 25 and 34. When we compare it with that of women, higher age is more favourable to men than women. But the age group 35 and 40 found only 10 per cent of the workers of both the males and females.

When classified according to the salary (Income) majority of the female employees are getting above Rs10000 as salary and 66.7 per cent of the employees are getting between Rs10000 and 15000 as salary. About 26.7 per cent of the employees are earning a salary below Rs 10000. Majority of the males are earning more than Rs10000 and about 43 per cent of the male employees are earning only below Rs10000. But when comparing it with that of females only 26.7 per cent of them are earning below Rs 10000. But about 13 per cent of the male employees are getting more than Rs 20000 per month. Only 6.7 per cent of the female employees are getting between Rs 15000 and 20000 per month.

Considering experience about 23 per cent of the female employees have more than 4 years of experience. Only 26.7 per cent of the females have below 2 years of experience. But in the case of male employees about 33 per cent of them have experience only below 2 years. And only 13 per cent of them have an experience above 4 years and but below 6 years. No one has experience more than 6 years. Simply it means male employees always try to find another job in any field that give more remuneration. Males quit the present job at any time than women. Women stay in the same job for more time expecting promotions within the firm and always take more time to find another job that suit them. They always consider a job near their home to stay along with family. Immediate quit is difficult for them. So women always try to remain in the same job for a long period.

Majority of them have a degree level education as it is 66.7 per cent for female employees but males only about 43 per cent. When considering management level education only about 13 per cent of the females have this post graduate degree. But about 33 per cent of the males qualified M.B.A. Always higher educational levels help in promotions. Here majority of the women working with minimum qualifications or the job match them. But, what about other over qualified females; they also disappear at the higher level positions. About 80 per cent of the female employees were working as associates. Males 56.7 per cent were working as associates. But only 3.3 per cent of the females were working as analysts. But male’s number (23.3 analysts) is comparatively high at the senior level jobs and 3.3 percent of them were team leaders.. It is because of the higher level of education the males got. But the fact is that the few female employees have the same qualification as males not entered into the senior managerial level jobs. When considering marital status gender wise, more female employees are married (50 per cent) than male employees (33.3 per cent). It should be read along with why women work for a long period within the same company. Always young women marry and quit the job for a short period. But here the matter is that married women work for a long period of time, if they are settled along with family. It is a fact that educated women remain unemployed if they are not able to find a job with reasonable wage. But among males, majority of them were single.

Table 1: Characteristics of Employees
table1Gender Disparities and Contradictions-1